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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Paper Covered Cone Christmas Tree Craft Tutorial

First off, you need a cone.  They are EASY to make.  Watch the tutorial here:

To cover the cone, you will need:

-  Green paper - I used scrapbook paper in three different shades of green
-  Red paper
-  Hole punch - I believe mine was 3/4", but I'm not sure
-  Hot glue

Here is the tutorial on the tree:


-  Punch out a bunch of dots
-  Hot glue on the dots - you can use all one color, but I thought three different shades of green would give it a little more depth and texture - so I alternated a row of each - make sure to overlap enough to cover the cone beneath
-  Add red dots to look like ornaments
-  Add a tree topper - I used a resin star I had left over

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you like it!  Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!


Raffia Covered Cone Christmas Tree Craft Tutorial

I had this beautiful green raffia, which I believe I had found at Michaels over the summer.  I had made some paper cones and needed to cover them.  This is how I covered one of them.

For starters, you need a cone.  You can make the cone by following the directions in this tutorial (it's REALLY easy!):

Next, you will need:

-  Raffia
-  Hot glue

Here is the video tutorial for the raffia covered tree:


Take the hot glue and put a dab at the top.  Put end of raffia in hot glue and start wrapping it around the cone, adding hot glue here and there to adhere it to the cone.  At the end, tuck the end piece under the cone.

That's it!  You can add a color to it with ribbon, or dots for ornaments.  I added a resin start that I had leftover from another project.  Directions for the resin star are easy, put resin (I use Easy Cast) into a silicone star ice cube tray and throw in some glitter.  When hardened, remove from mold.

Hope you like it!  Thanks for stopping by!  Merry Christmas!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cupcake Ornament Craft Tutorial

Here is an easy craft for a fun ornament!  Make it for Christmas, birthday party, bridal showers, etc.  It's a fun favor, or just a fun decoration!

You will need:

-  Muffin baking pan
-  Great Stuff foam insulation
-  Blue glitter
-  Blue acrylic paint
-  Hot pink acrylic paint
-  Cupcake cup
-  Wood bead
-  Red acrylic paint
-  Red glitter
-  Green ribbon
-  Mod Podge
-  White glue

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Line the baking pan with the cupcake cups
2.  Squirt in the foam (as neatly as you can) into the cups to about a 1/4 inch from the top
3.  Allow to sit overnight to expand
4.  Remove cupcakes from the pan and paint the top with acrylic paint.  If it gets a little drippy, don't worry, it is icing afterall!  You might need two coats.  Allow to dry.
5.  Paint cupcake cup - if needed - there are so many great cupcake cups out there.  I just went with white so I could paint it any color I wanted.
6.  Mod Podge the entire thing and allow to dry.
7.  Take white glue and make polka dots on the pink icing and sprinkle with glitter - shake off excess.  When dry, you should be able to brush off any stray glitter, but that is assuming you let your Mod Podge COMPLETELY dry (apparently I didn't!)
8.  Make cherry by painting wooded bead red and allow to dry.  Cover with Mod Podge and sprinkle on red glitter and allow to dry.  Insert ribbon into bead.
9.  Hot glue cherry onto top of cupcake.

That's it!

Happy Crafting!  Thank you for stopping by!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Pine Cone Christmas Tree Craft Tutorial

I created this pine cone tree because I had created this big cone out of poster board and now needed to figure out how to decorate it.  Being a few days before Christmas, having a bunch of pine cones I had collected, but hadn't touched, it all began to align itself into this perfect holiday craft!!

You will need:

-  Large poster board cone - I don't know if you can buy them or not, but you CAN make it!  Watch my video here and I'll show you how ridiculously easy and inexpensive it is!!

-  Hot glue
-  Pine cones
-  Golf Balls
-  Red acrylic paint 
-  Red glitter
-  White acrylic paint
-  Clear or white glitter
-  Green spray paint
-  Tree topper - I made the tree topper on the tree and you can see how easy that was in the video there:

Here is the video tutorial on how I made the tree and put it all together:

1.  Glue pine cones onto the cone with hot glue until you cover the whole thing.  Small pine cones work well as fillers.  I did not paint the cone beforehand because I always had the intention of spray painting the entire thing.
2.  Spray paint the entire tree green
3.  While that is drying, take golf balls (or any ornament purchased or made will work!) and paint them red and glitter them - allow to dry
4.  When the tree is dry, paint the ends of some of the pine cones with white acrylic paint and sprinkle with white or clear glitter to give the illusion of snow - allow to dry
5.  When dry, glue glittered golf balls onto the tree
6.  Make or buy a star for the top of the tree and hot glue into place

That's it!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!


How to Make a Cone for Crafting

I was buying styrofoam cones and was surprised at how expensive they were!  So from there, I went to the dollar store and found cones for a dollar...Yay...... but they only came in one size and weren't very pointy at the top.  For a while, I made due, but I longed for an alternative.

I set out to make my own cones and had quite a time figuring it out!  Who knew it could be so hard?!?!  I looked online, but didn't find it to be especially helpful.  I found on Pinterest someone who will tell you how to make them, I was excited and even repinned before I realized you had to buy her pattern.  Bummer.  I thought I must be smart enough to figure this out without having to pay someone!  I questioned my intelligence MANY times while figuring out this VERY SIMPLE process.  Anyway, I hope this helps!

Now, I can make as many cones as I want in any size that I want!  Hooray!!

I have two video tutorials, which I hope you find helpful!

How to Make a Cone:

How to Make a Really Big Cone:

You will need:

-  Poster board
-  Pencil
-  String
-  Hot glue or tape - if you decorated right over it, you will never see the tape!


For a cone, you need either a semi- circle or a quarter of a circle.  With poster board, you can have overlap, but if you were doing foam, because of its thickness, you would want it to butt right up to itself and you would need a quarter circle then.

Take the string and tie it on the pencil.  Put the end of the string on the edge of the poster board and draw a semi-circle.  Cut it out and roll it together to make your cone.  Carefully glue it with your hot glue, or tape it.

That's it!

Hope it is helpful!  Now you can make a bunch of cones or one big cone for less than a $1.00!

Yay!  Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Felt Penguin Pals Craft Tutorial

You will need:

-  Black, white and yellow felt
-  Google eyes
-  Glue
-  Small Velcro circles
-  Ribbon for hanging - optional

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Cut out the body of the penguin in black.  You can use the attached template below, or draw your own.
2.  Cut out the belly from the white felt, the beak and feet from the yellow felt.
3.  Glue all of the parts on and then the eyes.
4.  Attach the Velcro on the hands and they can now hold hand when they are together, because they are BFFs.
5.  If you want to hang them, hot glue some ribbon on the back of each of the penguins.

 Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!


Angel Christmas Tree Topper Recycled Materials

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One of my YouTube subscribers, Alyssa, asked me to make an angel tree topper.  After giving it a lot of thought, I wanted to keep it simple.  I decided to use mostly recycled materials.

Monday, December 17, 2012

A GIVEAWAY! The Incredible Shrinking Bully Ebook

I am excited to announce a giveaway!  I am offering 10 copies of The Incredible Shrinking Bully Ebook!

Bart used to enjoy school, but that was before Frank the Tank began bullying him. Every time Frank bullies someone, he gets bigger. Will Bart find the courage to stop Frank, before it's too late? This is a picture book geared toward younger kids, in hopes of sending a positive message and opening a dialogue between kids and parents, educators, grandparents, etc. about bullying. Maybe if awareness starts early, some of the problems can be prevented later.

It's a great book to start conversations with kids about bullying.  It is also available in paperback or ebook format on

At the conclusion of the giveaway, 10 winners will be chosen at random.  I will contact the winners by email and send a coupon code that can be redeemed to download the ebook.  It is available in a number of different formats, for all of the different readers and also .pdf if you want to download it to a computer.  

I look forward to sharing this great book with 10 you!

The giveaway starts on 12/18/2012 at 12:00 am Central time and ends 12/23/2012 at 12:00am! Just in time to download it for the holidays!


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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Snowman Glitter Ball Ornament Craft Tutorial

Make a cute snowman ornament!  I combined the glitter ball idea from my last post and added a little exterior embellishment to turn him into a snowman!

You will need :

-  Glass paint - I used Martha Stewart brand (baking in the oven is optional - just follow directions)
-  Clear glass ornament
-  White glitter
-  Floor wax - I used Mop and Glo
-  Funnel (optional)

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Use glass paint to draw the carrot nose and charcoal eyes and mouth on the outside of the clear glass ornament
2.  Allow to dry and/or oven bake to make it permanent (follow directions on the paint you are using)
3.  Squirt some floor was into the ornament and swish it around
4.  Drain it back into the floor wax container
5.  Pour white glitter into the ornament and shake it around until it is completely covered on the inside
6.  Pour excess glitter back into the glitter container

**The first one I did, I used a coarser glitter and it looked more icy than snowy.  The smaller one I did, I used a finer glitter.  That one, however, I did try to rush the glass paint along and put it in the oven before dry.  Now I know why they say to let it dry beforehand!  It kind of blows up in the oven, like bubble gum (not that big), but leaves your paint rather imperfect.  I touched it up and it looks okay, but lesson learned!

You are done!  That's all it takes!

Hope you give it a try!  Have fun!  Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!  


Glitter Balls! Glitter Ornaments with Floor Wax

What!?!?  Floor wax?!?!?!

Yup.  You read that right!

This is so quick and so easy!  You could crank a bunch of these out in no time!!

You will need:

-  Clear glass ornaments from the craft store
-  Floor wax - I happened to use Mop and Glo, but any should work.  I saw someone do it with hairspray too!
-  Glitter
-  Funnel - optional, but makes life easier - you can just make one out of paper if you don't have one

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Take cap off ornament - it pops right off
2.  Squirt some floor wax into the ornament and swirl it around so all surfaces are covered
3.  Empty excess back into the floor wax bottle
4.  Insert funnel into ornament and pour in a bunch of glitter
5.  Shake it around and the glitter will adhere to the side of the inside of the ornament
6.  Pour excess back into glitter container
7.  You are done - replace cap - add ribbon if you want!

You are limited only to the glitter you can find and as far as I can tell, there are no limits to the glitter you can find!

Happy Holidays!  Happy Crafting!  Let me know if you have any questions!


Nail Polish Ornaments Craft Tutorial

A great way to use up old nail polish, or buy inexpensive nail polish and make something beautiful for the holidays!

You will need:

-  Clear glass ornaments from craft store
-  Nail polish of your choosing
-  Letter stickers - optional
-  Ribbon - optional
-  Empty egg carton or something the drain the excess nail polish - you can drain most of the excess carefully back into the nail polish bottle, but there will be some additional drainage and the egg carton seems to work best.

Here is the video tutorial that shows more pictures and examples:


1.  Remove the cap from the ornament and put aside
2.  Pour nail polish into your ornament
3.  Swirl ornament around to disperse the nail polish
4.  When completely covered, invert the ornament on an egg carton to drain the nail polish.
5.  Let it dry
6.  Replace cap
7.  Embellish with a ribbon, or stickers, or leave it plain

Use these ornament as party favors for a holiday dinner.  Use them instead of place cards.

Enjoy your beautiful new ornaments!

Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Whimsical Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

I was asked to make a craft out of felt and there is a whimsical Christmas Tree!

You will need:

-  Green felt - I used the stiffer felt
-  Brown construction paper
-  White glue
-  Black felt
-  Gold glitter
-  Gold cording
-  Red felt , or red paper
-  Hole punch
-  Hot glue
-  White glue

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Draw a Christmas tree on a sheet of paper and cut it out.  Trace it onto the back of the felt and cut it out.

2.  Cut out brown strips to be used as the trunk and branches of the Christmas tree and glue them, with white glue, into place.

3.  Punch out the red felt with the hole punch and glue them into place on the branches.

4.  Cut out a star out of black felt.

5. Cut a piece of gold cording to hang the tree.

6.  Hot glue the cording, in a loop, at the top of the tree and hot glue the black star over it.

7.  Paint white glue, thickly, over the black star and sprinkle with gold glitter.  Shake off excess and allow to dry.

Now you have a great ornament or gift tag to help ring in the holiday season!

Happy Holidays and thank you for stopping by!  Happy Crafting!


Very Merry Martini Glasses Craft Tutorial

Another great find at the dollar store - martini glasses with a green tint!  It just screams decorate me for Christmas!!  So I did!

You will need:

-  Fine red glitter
-  Chunkier red glitter
-  White glue and/or Mod Podge
-  Resin - I use Easy Cast

-  Disposable paint brush
-  Parchment paper

Here is the video tutorial:

Directions for fully glittered stem:

1.  Brush Mod Podge or white glue all over the stem and base of the glass.

2.  Sprinkle glitter on the glue/Mod Podge and shake of any excess.

Tip:  Work over a tray, so you can put excess glitter back into container

3.  Set aside to fully dry.

4.  When dry, prepare the resin you are using according to the directions on the package.  Drip the resin over the stem and make sure it is all covered.

Tip:  I set my glasses on three water bottle caps, to lift it of of the paper, so the resin would not pool around the base.  Periodically, I wipe the bottom edge of the base with the disposable paint/foam brush, to wipe of the drips.  Eventually, it will stop dripping and you can set it directly on the parchment paper.

5.  Allow to dry.

Directions for stripes and polka dots:

1.  With plain white glue, make stripes along the stem.  Use the fine red glitter and sprinkle on the wet glue.  Tap off any excess.

Tip:  Work over a tray, so you can put excess glitter back into container

2.  Draw polka dots on the base and sprinkle with glitter and tap off any excess.

3.  Set aside to fully dry.

4.  Gently brush off any excess glitter that may be stuck to the glass.  Drip resin over the entire stem and base.

Tip:  I set my glasses on three water bottle caps, to lift it of of the paper, so the resin would not pool around the base.  Periodically, I wipe the bottom edge of the base with the disposable paint/foam brush, to wipe of the drips.  Eventually, it will stop dripping and you can set it directly on the parchment paper.

5.  Allow to dry.

Tip:  With the clear bottom of this one, you will likely have some resin that seeps under.  It will likely be cloudy because it was on the parchment paper.  You can do one of two things.  First, you can take clear topcoat nail polish and apply it to the cloudy resin and that will make it shiny and clear.  That may be enough.  If it still shows too much, make a very small batch of resin and turning the glass upside down, apply to the underneath of the base and allow to dry.  That should fully remedy the situation!

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Crafting!  Happy Holidays!  Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel and find me on Facebook!


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Chalkboard Drinkware Craft Tutorial

Turn dollar store wine glasses and beer mugs into unique glassware, where people can actually keep track of their cocktails!

I have seen this done where someone has dipped the wine glass into the paint, but I was able to find chalkboard spray paint and thought that might be a little easier.  I also thought this should not be limited to wine glasses, so I added a rectangle onto a beer mug for easy identification!

You will need:

-  Dollar store wine glasses and beer mugs
-  Chalkboard paint
-  Plastic shopping bag
-  Painter tape
-  Chalk

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Tape off where you want the chalkboard paint to go
2.  Take a recycled grocery bag and cover the remaining area that will not be covered with chalkboard paint and tape it into place - this prevents major clean up later!
3.  Spray paint (according to paint directions)
4.  Allow to dry
5.  Remove bag and tape - follow directions on if you need to prime the chalkboard with chalk or not
That's it!

Hope you like it and give it a try!  Your guests will have a blast!

Happy Crafting and thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Snowflake Wreath Craft Tutorial

If you are looking for a quick and easy craft, this one is for you!

You will need:

-  40+/- plastic white snowflakes - usually you can find them at the dollar store, but I found packages of 20 at Walmart, very inexpensively
-  Hot glue
-  Ribbon
-  Parchment paper

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Cut off the string to hang the snowflakes
2.  Lay 20 snowflakes on the parchment paper in a circle/wreath shape
3.  Start gluing them together.
4.  Add the second layer on top of the first layer.  When cool, check to make sure they are all well adhered and add glue where needed.
5.  Remove from parchment paper, add ribbon and hang!

Keep it simple, or for a different look, add something in the middle, like the Big Resin Snowman I made earlier!

Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you enjoy it!
Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!


Monday, December 3, 2012

Big Resin Gingerbread Man Christmas Decoration Craft Tutorial

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Give your Christmas decorations a little zing, with this big gingerbread man!  He's about 9 inches tall and is a great addition to your indoor, or outdoor decor!  He is made out of resin and therefore can withstand snow and rain!  Put him on a garland, put him on the tree!  

You will need:

-  Silicone cake pan (I bought mine at Walmart)

-  Easy Cast Resin

-  Acrylic paint

-  Drill - if you want to hang him

-  Ribbon - if you want to hang him

Here are some items, available through Amazon, incase you want to give it a try:

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Put the mold on a level surface and mix your Easy Cast.  I used approximately half the bottle.  Follow directions on package for mixing the resin.

2.  Mix in acrylic paint until you achieve the color you want.

3.  Pour into mold and cover with paper or a box, to keep out dust.  If bubbles should rise to the surface, use a lighter to pop them.

4.  Allow to dry 12+ hours

5.  Remove from mold.  My gingerbread man mold is symmetrical so, when I flipped him over, he fit right back in.  

6.  Paint details with acrylic paint and let dry.

7.  Prepare a small amount of resin and pour over the gingerbread man - this will make him shiny and will protect the painted details.

8.  If you want to hang him, drill a hole in his head.  Yes I realize nothing about that sentence seemed right!!!

****What I've learned and would do differently, since I first made him:
1.  I would paint the white, red and green paint directly on the mold.
2.  I would use opaque pigment dye for the brown.
3.  Then it comes out with a matte finish like an actual gingerbread man and the paint became part of the resin.  

Enjoy!  Thank you for stopping by!  Happy Holidays!  Happy Crafting!  


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bird Nest Christmas Ornament

Here's a cute little craft to attach to the tree.  Momma bird is out Christmas shopping!

You will need:

-  3 embroidery thread colors
-  Liquid starch
-  2 wooden eggs
-  Cardstock
-  Red permanent marker
-  Fine red glitter
-  Green paint
-  White glue
-  Toothpick
-  White dimensional paint
-  Diamond dimensional paint (optional)
-  Wire
-  Small balloon
-  Triple Thick

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Fill a bowl with liquid starch and blow up the balloon.
2.  I put the balloon on a cup to keep it steady.
3.  Feed your first color of embroidery floss into the liquid starch.  Make sure to unwind it, or it will get tangled and knotted.
4.  Apply the embroidery floss onto the balloon, winding around in a random pattern.  Don't go too far up because it is a nest.
5.  Repeat with the second and third colors.  Allow to fully dry - it might take overnight or longer.
6.  Paint eggs green and let dry
7.  Print out on cardstock a  message and cut out with decorative scissors.
8.  Take red marker and line the edges.
9.  Hot glue toothpick to the back of sign and sprinkle with clear glitter.
10.  Paint sign with Triple Thick.
11.  When eggs are dry, dot with white glue and sprinkle with red glitter.  Allow to dry.
12.  When the nest is dry, run a wire through the bottom so you can attach it to a branch later.
13.  Hot glue the wire in place and the eggs.
14.  Hot glue the sign in place.
15.  Trim the edges with the white dimensional paint for a snowy accent.  When dry, top the white paint with the dimensional diamond paint (optional).

Put in your tree and enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Crafting and Happy Holidays!