Friday, March 30, 2012

Stone Pendant Craft

Items you will need:

- Stones
- Sealer or gloss glaze (non yellowing with a crystal clear finish)
- Brush
- Wax paper (to protect the surface you are working on)
- Pendant finding
- Glue that dries clear and glues metal and stone
You can watch the video tutorial on how to make these pendants on YouTube.  Click here to watch the video

Watch video on YouTube

I found these stones on the shores of Lake Michigan and thought they would make beautiful pendants, but you can find stones at craft stores as well.


Clean stones.

Brush stones with the sealer or gloss glaze

Let them dry on the wax paper and apply gloss on back side and allow them to dry.

Glue on the pendants.  Allow to dry and you are finished!  Put it on a chain or cord and show off your beautiful new pendant!

Happy crafting!


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