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Monday, April 30, 2012

Make A String Vase

What a fun and easy craft!  It goes great with the tissue paper flowers in the last post!  
Here's the video tutorial on how to do it:

You will need:
-  A clean glass jar
-  String or yarn of  your choosing
-  White glue (slightly watered down)
-  Popsicle stick or toothpick
-  Scissors

Starting from the bottom and working a small section at a time (or the glue will dry), begin wrapping the string.  Every once in a while, use the popsicle stick to push the string down and make sure there aren't any gaps.  Continue wrapping until you reach the top lip, where the lid goes on the jar.  Because this area is uneven, you will wrap multiple times and it may be thicker than in other areas, which is great!  When you are happy with the coverage, snip off the yarn and tuck the end in between two other pieces, with a dab of glue.  Let it dry and you have a beautiful vase, sure to add color to any decor!

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet For Mother's Day!

A tissue paper flower bouquet is a perfect gift for Mother's Day, which is just around the corner!  It's a bouquet that you made with love and will last and last - no watering required!

For each flower, you will need:

16 sheets of 5" x 7" tissue paper in any colors of your choosing
1 green pipe cleaner for the stem

Watch this tutorial to see how they are made!


Accordion fold the tissue paper (from the smaller side) back and forth, all the way to the end.  

Then, fold the paper in half to find the center.  Put the pipe cleaner partially through and fold it over and twist it onto itself.  Make sure the tissue paper is snug.  

CAREFULLY, while the tissue paper is folded,  take the scissors (small kids might need help here) and trim the edges, if you wish.  Cut into points or scallops.  

Begin separating each sheet, one by one and pulling up toward the center.  You can alternate, or do one side at a time, it doesn't make a difference.  

When you are done, shape if needed.  Put in a pretty vase and present to Mom or Grandma!

Here is the video on how to make the String Vase:

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Snouts and Beans Great for Halloween

This is a crowd pleaser, especially at Halloween.  I've been making it for years.  It's easy and delicious.  I have always taken a garnishing tool to make the holes in the snouts, but when I posted the video, someone suggested that a straw might be easier.  Great idea!!!


- Large can of baked beans
- Smoked sausage or kielbasa
- Sharp knife, garnishing tool, or straw


1.  Open can of beans and put in a pot

2.  Slice smoke sausage about 1/2 inch think

3.  Take a small sharp knife, a garnishing tool, or a straw and poke two holes in each slice of sausage to make the snout holes.

4. Put snouts in pot with beans, heat up and it's ready!

Watch the video tutorial on how to prepare.

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

How to Make Acorn Candlesticks Fall Craft Crafting with Nature

- Unfinished Candlesticks
- Tools for distressing- Acorns
- Varnish/glaze (matte & glossy)                           
- Burnt umber acrylic paint                                       
- Hippo gray acrylic paint                                            
- Rope
- Hot glue


1.  Dry and varnish acorns with glossy finish

2.  Distress unfinished candlesticks (use hammers,   screwdrivers, ice pick, anything you can think of)

3.  Paint candlesticks with burnt umber - let dry

4.  Paint with hippo gray and immediately wipe gray paint off with dry paper towel (will bring out the distressing) - let dry

5.  Use matte varnish on candlesticks - let dry

6.  Hot glue rope around neck of candlestick

7.  Hot glue acorn to rope

You are done and you have an attractive fall accessory for your home! 

Happy crafting!

How to Make Fall Craft Acorn Pendant

Materials needed:

-Dried acorn
- Drill or rotary tool
- 1/16" drill bit
- Varnish or clear glaze
- Jump ring

1.  Find acorn with a stem
2.  Dry acorn (if tops fall off, just glue them back on)
3.  Varnish or glaze the acorn (may need 1 to 2 coats) - let dry
4.  Drill hole into stem of acorn
5.  Add jump ring
6.  Put on chain and it's a great fall accessory!