Sunday, April 1, 2012

How to Make Acorn Candlesticks Fall Craft Crafting with Nature

- Unfinished Candlesticks
- Tools for distressing- Acorns
- Varnish/glaze (matte & glossy)                           
- Burnt umber acrylic paint                                       
- Hippo gray acrylic paint                                            
- Rope
- Hot glue


1.  Dry and varnish acorns with glossy finish

2.  Distress unfinished candlesticks (use hammers,   screwdrivers, ice pick, anything you can think of)

3.  Paint candlesticks with burnt umber - let dry

4.  Paint with hippo gray and immediately wipe gray paint off with dry paper towel (will bring out the distressing) - let dry

5.  Use matte varnish on candlesticks - let dry

6.  Hot glue rope around neck of candlestick

7.  Hot glue acorn to rope

You are done and you have an attractive fall accessory for your home! 

Happy crafting!

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