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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pig On A Stick Dessert

People will go hog wild over this dessert!

Pigs on a stick!  Made from marshmallow and white chocolate.

Here's a tutorial on how I did it:

You will need:

- Regular sized marshmallows
- Mini marshmallows
- Decorator gel
- Lollipop sticks
- Red food color
- White chocolate chips
- Wax paper


1.  Stick marshmallow on lollipop stick.
2.  Microwave white chocolate chips and add food color to melted white chips until it is the pink you want
3.  Cut mini marshmallow in half and dip one side into melted chocolate
4.  Stick half mini marshmallow in the middle of the flat side of the large marshmallow, for the snout and let dry/harden
5.  Dip or spread (whichever works best for you) in the pink melted chocolate to cover the pig head
6.  When fully covered and somewhat smoothed, lay it down on wax paper
7.  Cut a slice out of a large marshmallow and cut into quarters - each of those quarters make an ear
8.  Dip and cover an ear in the chocolate and attach to the pig that is lying on the wax paper to dry - it will adhere and dry to the pigs head.
9.  Add decorator gel for eyes and snout
10.  When fully hardened/dry carefully peel off the was paper and put in a bowl, piece of styrofoam, or get really creative!

I'd love to see your completed pigs and the ideas you come up with to display them!  Have fun with it!

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Happy Crafting!  Oink!  Oink!

S'mores On A Stick

Don't have a campfire?  Just do s'mores on a stick!  It's easy!  It's a fun dessert for any summer gathering.

You will need:

-  Lollipop sticks (available at craft stores and party stores)
-  Milk chocolate chips (melted)
-  Marshmallows
-  Crushed graham crackers (you can crush them yourself, but I bought the already crushed ones)

Here is a tutorial to see how I did it:


1.  Melt chocolate in microwave.  The most important tip here is to do it for 15 seconds at a time and stirring between.  Microwave until it stirs and is smooth.  All microwaves vary and you will have to experiment with yours.

2.  Take marshmallow and skewer it on the lollipop stick.

3.  Have crushed graham crackers ready in a small bowl.

4.  Dip marshmallow approximately half way down in the milk chocolate.  Kind of swirl it around as you are removing it.

5.  Immediately dip/roll chocolate portion in the graham crackers.

I put the sticks of my s'mores on a stick in a bowl of rice to cool and dry - styrofoam would work equally as well.  Allow to dry/cool.  Put in a decorative bowl with colored rice, coffee beans, rocks, anything decorative that goes with your party theme.

People with snatch them up quickly when you put them out, so make plenty!

I would love to see what you come up with!  Share here or on our Facebook page!  I love comments!

Happy Crafting!

Bird's Nest Nature Craft

I made this bird's nest craft as a table decor.  You could make a large one for a centerpiece, just use a larger balloon.  I used a wood egg from the craft store and painted it blue, like a robin egg.  You could use a permanent marker and write a name on the egg and use it instead of a place card.

Here is a tutorial to see how I did it:

You will need:

-  brown embroidery floss
-  liquid starch
-  small water balloon
-  wooden egg


-  Put liquid starch in a bowl
-  Unwind embroidery floss into the starch (if you put is in like it is when you buy it, it will tangle)
-  Blow up balloon to desired size
-  Start laying the embroidery floss on the balloon in a nest shape.  I went further down and then pushed it up at the bottom.  (see video)
-  Allow to completely dry 
-  Pop balloon and you have a cute bird's nest
-  Paint the egg and allow to dry
-  Put egg in nest

Fun for you and fun to have the kids help!  

I think this would is great for Easter, a spring dinner party, or especially fun for a baby shower!

Have fun with it and as always I love comments and would love to see what you come up with!

Happy Crafting!

Patriotic Decorative String Balls

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Summer is here and this is a great craft for the coming Fourth of July holiday!  I have them displayed in a bowl on my kitchen table, but you could string them up and make a garland or hang them from trees (weather permitting - they wouldn't do well in the rain!).  It's a fun way to add a little red, white and blue to your decor!

Here's a video tutorial if you want to see how I did it:  

You will need:
-  String or embroidery floss:
-  Liquid starch:
-  Small balloons: 

1.  Gather your items, your starch, string and/or floss and balloons.  Blow up a balloon to the size you want.

2.  Put liquid starch in a bowl and unwind embroidery floss or string into the bowl - this is a good tip because if you just put the string or floss in the starch in one clump, you are going to find it's knotted up as you are trying to wind it around the balloon.

3.  Begin winding the string or floss around the balloon in a random pattern.

4.   When you have it as full as you want, you can either set it on a glass to dry, or you can hang it from the tied portion of the balloon.

5.   When the string is completely dry, pop the balloon and you will have beautiful decorations for your all patriotic holidays!  You can gently pull the popped balloon out.

This is a great craft for kids.  If it's nice outside, have them do it there.  The starch is easy to clean up even if you end up doing it inside.  I originally tried this with fabric stiffener and found it to be messy and it left chunks of residue between the strings.  The starch comes out perfectly and you don't have to do anything to after!!

Don't think this craft is only for the holidays!  You can brighten up any decor with these string balls.  I really enjoyed using the embroidery floss.  I bought one bunch for 39 cents and it makes one ball.  It comes in beautiful colors and you could make them for decorations for a kids room or any room to match the decor.  It's inexpensive and fun!  The possibilities are endless!

Happy Crafting!  I'd love for you to share your comments and pictures of what you have done!


Here are some of the items I used, available at Amazon.  It's hard for me to tell, but I think the balloons are the similar to the small ones I used.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

TIn Foil Fish Father's Day Craft

You can make these tin foil fish and use them for a variety of things.  Use them to decorate frames, make a bookmark, etc.

Here's the tutorial on how to make them:

You will need:

- tin foil (dollar store usually has great deals on foil)
- permanent markers
- hammer (optional)
- googly eye

Optional items - depending on how you want to make them, are:
-  white glue
- glitter


- embossing ink
- thick embossing powder
- heat gun


Shape tin foil into a fish.  If the shape isn't quite what you were going for, feel free to trim with scissors.

Color fish with permanent markers and let dry.

Either use white glue and sprinkle with glitter and let dry.


Put embossing ink on fish and cover with embossing powder.  Shake of excess powder and return to jar.  Heat with heat gun and allow embossing powder to melt.  Use a skewer or something so that it doesn't blow away.  It's too hot to hold with your fingers.

Let it cool and figure out what to do with them.  I'd love for you to share your ideas!!

One of the ideas I had was to attach it to a painted craft/popsicle stick and use it as a bookmark.  Great gift for a fisherman dad!!

Coffee Filter Flower Craft

Easy and fun craft.  The use of coffee filters eliminates any cutting.  The ability to simply color or dye the coffee filters allows for endless possibilities and color combinations!

Watch the tutorial to see how it all comes together!

You will need:

- 16 coffee filters
-  Food color
-  Spray bottle and water or paintbrush and water
-  1 Pipe cleaner

Color the coffee filters with watered down food color.  You can either put a few drops in a spray bottle with water, which is what I did to the flower shown.  Or you can use a paint brush with watered down food color and paint on the filter like you would with water colors.  The results are different, but equally as beautiful.  Once you colored your filters and let them dry, make a neat stack.  Do an accordion fold to the filters.  Bend in half to find the center to attach your pipe cleaner.  Twist the pipe cleaner to tighten and then fan out.  One by one pull a coffee filter to the center - you can alternate sides or do one at a time. Once you have them all pulled up, shape it a little and you will have a beautiful flower.  It reminds me of an iris and a water lily!

Happy crafting and share what you have done!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft

These are great for kids to make.  It's a simple craft and they will be very proud when they are finished.  Use them to brighten up any room!

Here's the video tutorial:

You will need:

-  Coffee Filters
-  Pipe cleaners
-  Food coloring
-  Paint brushes
-  Markers (optional)
-  Fishing line

Decorate the coffee filters with either markers or really let the kids have fun and let them paint with watered down food color!  Let them do it outside before lunch and by the time lunch is over, they coffee filters will be dry and ready to make the butterflies!

Do an accordion fold and fasten together with half a pipe cleaner.  Twist the ends for antennae.  Attach fishing line and hang around the house!

I would love to see some of the butterflies you and your kids come up with!  Share them here!

Happy crafting!  

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nail Polish Marbled Beads

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Nail Polish Marbled Beads

Here's another great Mother's Day gift craft!

You will need:

- Unfinished wooden beads
- Nail polish in whatever colors you like
- Tape
- Glass of cold water
- Finishing glaze (optional)

Here's the video tutorial:

Take the wooden skewer and wrap tape around one end.
Put on bead.
Put tape around skewer above bead.
The tape will prevent the bead from floating when you dip it in the water.

Add any combination of nail polish that you want.  Dip bead and immediately take it out of the water.  You can either hang it off the edge of a table to dry or stick it in styrofoam.

Finish with a glaze and you can bead it into a necklace or bracelet.  You can color coordinate the beads to go with any outfit or any polish!

Have fun and I'd love to see what you come up with!