Saturday, June 9, 2012

Golf Ball Poodle For Father's Day! Easy Craft!

Now this is an EASY craft that you can whip out in no time!  
Need an idea for kids to make a Father's Day gift!  
Here it is!


-  7 golf balls
-  Hot glue
-  Felt cut into teardrop shapes for ears
-  1 golf tee painted black
-  Ribbon (optional)
-  Small white pom pom
-  Small black bead
-  Two googly eyes

Here's the video tutorial to see how I did it:

1.  Start by gluing two balls together.
2.  Add a third ball
3.  Add the fourth ball - keep in mind that you need to put a dab of glue wherever the balls touch - it's surprisingly sturdy!
4.  Add two above
5.  Add the last ball - I put it up high, but you can put it lower for a different look
6.  Glue golf tee for tail
7.  Glue on google eyes
8.  Glue on pom pom for nose
9.  Glue black bead on pom pom
10. Glue on felt ears
11.  Add ribbon and note if you want!

This will look great on Dad's desk or a bookshelf!  You also have the option to paint the balls if you want a different color.

Have fun and share your photos here, or on our Facebook page!

Happy Crafting and Happy Father's Day!

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Anonymous said...

We are trying to make these and sometimes the golf balls come apart. We are using a hot glue gun. Any suggestions?