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Friday, July 20, 2012

DIY Nail Polish Jewelry - Glass and Nail Polish Pendants and Rings

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Are you looking for and easy and inexpensive craft, with beautiful results?  I have just the craft for you!  I wish I could take credit for it, but I can't.  I ran across something similar on YouTube and thought I'd give it a try!  I must warn you that the possibilities are endless and it is downright ADDICTIVE!  I was only going to do a few and give it a try, but here's what I ended up with:

I took pictures of them out in the sun, in hopes of capturing how beautiful they are.  However, the pictures don't begin to capture the sparkle and depth!

I'll give you a quick run down on the what you need and the how to do it, but here is the video tutorial:

You will need: The links below are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. - Clear glass stones (craft stores carry them and often dollar stores do too): - Nail polish top coat: - Nail polish in varying colors and glitter polish if you want: - Glitter: - Contact adhesive (glue that glues glass, metal, etc.): - Ring blanks: - Bails:

Here are a few items that will work, incase you wanted to give it a try:

 I did these in different ways.  I just started experimenting and kept getting different effects, so I suggest you do the same.  You can purchase inexpensive nail polish, look for clearance items.


1.  Take the clear top coat and coat the flat side of the the glass stone.  This will help even out the surface imperfections and let dry.  On some of these what I did was I put on the the clear top coat and sprinkled a clear glitter (doesn't have to be clear) on it while it was still wet.
2.  Choose a color of nail polish and put it over and let dry.  You may need more than one coat.
3.  Finish with a coat of top coat to help protect the polish.  Let dry COMPLETELY!  (I capped completely because I have a tendency to be impatient and not let it dry COMPLETELY!).
4.  Take an adhesive/glue that is made to glue metal and glass.  Follow the directions!  The brand I used says wait 24 hours and 72 for a full dry.  Glue the ring blank or the bail to the decorated stones and let it dry COMPLETELY!
5.  Accessorize!  Accessorize!  Accessorize!

Here are a few really cool things about it:

1.  Easy!  Easy!  Easy!
2.  If you mess up, break out the nail polish remover and start over!
3.  Inexpensive, but impressive.
4.  Now you can match your jewelry to your NAIL POLISH!!!!!!!!!!

I would truly LOVE to see what you come up with!  Share your pictures by posting them on  my  Facebook page!!!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I know I usually post craft ideas on here, but I am fascinated with hummingbirds.  They are so tiny and
speedy, how could you not be fascinated?   I thought I would share some pictures and a video of hummingbirds from my recent trip to Colorado.

Here's the video.  Enjoy!


Thursday, July 5, 2012


Wow everyone with this pistachio nut shell pendant.  It's beautiful, stylish and completely unique!

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Here's the video tutorial:

The first thing you are going to have to do is eat A LOT of pistachios and keep the shells!  I boil the shells with a little bit of dish soap and then rinse them in a colander and usually there is a little dark membrane part that needs to be removed.  It pops right out after soaking.  Then, I will set them out to dry.  If it's nice and sunny out, I'll put them in the sun.

After they are dry, I will put a fabric dye powder into a plastic bag with hot water and a little bit of salt. I will mix it up well, add the pistachio shells and leave them soaking overnight or until I get back to them.  Then I rinse them and again let them dry.  

 When it's time to make the pendant, I did the two below in two different ways.  I used the Easy Cast Epoxy/Resin and it worked like a charm.  It was much easier than I anticipated.  Prepare the resin according to the package directions, or you can find a video of me preparing it in my Candy Resin Pendant post.

I lined my work surface with wax paper to protect it.  For the red one, I put a dab of resin on the wax paper, put in the glass bead and took the pistachio shells and put them in a flower pattern around the bead.  I let it dry overnight and then peeled it off of the wax paper (it was easy).  Then, I drilled a small hole in one of the shells and wear it as a pendant!

I did pretty much the same thing with the green pendant, except I coated it with resin as well for a glossy look.  I did have to trim around the green one and do minor sanding where I trimmed to smooth out the edges.   

Have fun!  As always, I'd love to see what you come up with!
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Happy Crafting!  

Resin Candy Pendant Tutorial How To

It's easy to make fun and colorful candy pendants with resin.  It actually was a lot easier than I expected.

I did a video tutorial on how to do a resin pendant with candy sprinkles.  I hadn't done it before, but I think they turned out pretty great!  I used Easy Cast and it was in fact EASY.
Here's the tutorial:

I also tried a flower from my garden (see below).  It started out bright yellow, but there must have been some kind of chemical reaction because it was an orange-red when it was done!  Still looks kind of cool!


-  Easy Cast Epoxy Resin
-  Sprinkles or something you want to embed in resin
-  Cups and stir sticks
-  Molds made for resin casting


1.  Follow directions that come with Easy Cast box to prepare the resin.
2.  I put a little into the mold and let it sit for a minute or so and then added my sprinkles.
3.  Let sprinkles settle and add more resin if necessary.
4.  Let dry over night and unmold in the morning.
I did not use a release agent on the castings, but they popped out just fine.  I read somewhere that if you put it in the freezer (when it is time to remove) it makes it pop out easier.  I don't know if that is true.
5.  After letting it sit overnight, it is hard, but not fully cured.  It will likely take another couple of days before it is fully cured.
6.  If necessary, trim edges and file rough edges.
7.  If you want more shine, go over it with a Triple Thick or comparable product.

Have fun crafting and I would LOVE to see what you come up with!

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Learn how to create a cute ladybug out of recycled items!

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It's time for more recycling!  I'm still using up all the golf balls and wire hangers and now I've added a water bottle to the mix!

This cute critter is fun to have hiding in your plants.

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Here's the video tutorial to see how I did it:


-  Golf ball
-  Wire hanger
-  20 gauge wire
-  Small wood piece for head
-  Plastic water bottle
-  Black acrylic paint
-  Black spray paint
-  Red spray paint
-  Glue

-  scissors
-  safety glasses
-  drill or rotary tool


1.  Cut wire hanger into four 2.5 inch to 3 inch pieces.  Bend each leg and the top and bottom.  A smaller bend will be the foot and the longer end will be inserted into the body.

2.  Drill holes into the body for the legs.  Be careful and wear your safety glasses.  Glue legs into the body.

3.  Cut 20 gauge wire and twist around a wooden skewer for the antennae.  Drill holes for the antennae and glue in place.

4.  Spray paint body black.

5.  While the body is drying, cut wings out of an old water bottle.  Make sure it is dry.  Take the black acrylic paint and make polka dots on the inside of the wings and allow to dry. 

6.  When the dots are dry, spray paint red on the inside of the wings.  It will probably take two coats.  Allow to dry.

7.  Glue the wings in to place and Viola! you have a ladybug to add a little whimsy to your garden!

Remember:  Life's too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™  Stay safe!