Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Crackle Nail Polish Stones Craft Tutorial


I decided to do the follow up tutorial to the nail polish stones I had done a while back because of the suggestions and encouragement from some of my YouTube thank you!

My first nail polish stone video has been, by far, my most popular and here the the video tutorial for this one:

You will need:
-  Glass stones (domed on one side and flat on the other)
-  Clear topcoat polish
-  Crackle polish
-  Regular nail polish in any color

1.  One the flat side of the stone, put a layer of the clear topcoat and allow to dry.
2.  Put on a layer of the crackle polish and allow to dry.  While it is drying, it will begin to crack.
3.  Paint on the color of your choice and allow to dry.
4.  Follow up with the topcoat to protect the finish.

What do you do with these stones?  I say, what DON'T you do with these stones!

Here are a few ideas:
-  make a pendant
-  make a ring
-  make a bunch and mosaic something
-  put them in a bowl for decoration
-  attach it to a clasp/button on a purse
-  make this a project at a young girls birthday party - they will EAT IT UP!

Where do the ideas end?  How would you use these stones?  I'd love it if you shared in the comments below!


Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!


You can pick them up at the craft store and sometimes the dollar store, or you might want to consider buying them in bulk:


  1. Very cool, the same can be done with coins, dripping the nail polish on (thick), and dripping another colour on top of that, then using a toothpick to 'swirl' the second colour around a bit


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