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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Golf Ball Snowman Ornament

Turn an old golf ball into a snowman ornament.

You will need:

-  Felt in red and black
-  Golf ball
-  Eye screw
-  Drill
-  Glitter or beads in green and red
-  Acrylic paint in white, orange and black
-  A thin ribbon in green
-  Wire, ribbon or fishing line
-  White slick paint (optional) for snow accent
-  Hot glue

Here it the video tutorial:


1.  Drill a small hole in the top of the golf ball and insert eye screw.  It should screw in very easily.
2.  Paint golf ball with white acrylic paint - it might need two coats and allow to dry
3.  With the end of a paint brush or skewer, dip into black acrylic paint and make eyes and mouth
4.  Paint an orange triangle for the carrot nose
5.  Cut black felt into a circle and cut a hole in the middle
6.  Cut a strip of black felt and make a tube for the top of the hat
7.  Glue on the circle/brim
8.  Glue on the tube/top part of hat
9.  Cut red felt into a strip and overlap to create a scarf - use hot glue to tack it together
10.  Glue the snowman to the scarf
11.  Take thin ribbon and glue around the hat for trim
12.  Put a glob of hot glue on the hat and sprinkle with red beads or red glitter
13.  Put a glob of hot glue on the scarf and sprinkle with green beads or green glitter
14.  Optional - take slick fabric paint and run some along random edges of the snowman's scarf and hat to look like snow and sprinkle a white or iridescent glitter on it while wet - let everything dry

Your snowman is ready to be enjoyed!  It's a great ornament to decorate the house, or to put on a package!

Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!


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  1. Super, super cute! Very creative! :)


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