Friday, December 21, 2012

How to Make a Cone for Crafting

I was buying styrofoam cones and was surprised at how expensive they were!  So from there, I went to the dollar store and found cones for a dollar...Yay...... but they only came in one size and weren't very pointy at the top.  For a while, I made due, but I longed for an alternative.

I set out to make my own cones and had quite a time figuring it out!  Who knew it could be so hard?!?!  I looked online, but didn't find it to be especially helpful.  I found on Pinterest someone who will tell you how to make them, I was excited and even repinned before I realized you had to buy her pattern.  Bummer.  I thought I must be smart enough to figure this out without having to pay someone!  I questioned my intelligence MANY times while figuring out this VERY SIMPLE process.  Anyway, I hope this helps!

Now, I can make as many cones as I want in any size that I want!  Hooray!!

I have two video tutorials, which I hope you find helpful!

How to Make a Cone:

How to Make a Really Big Cone:

You will need:

-  Poster board
-  Pencil
-  String
-  Hot glue or tape - if you decorated right over it, you will never see the tape!


For a cone, you need either a semi- circle or a quarter of a circle.  With poster board, you can have overlap, but if you were doing foam, because of its thickness, you would want it to butt right up to itself and you would need a quarter circle then.

Take the string and tie it on the pencil.  Put the end of the string on the edge of the poster board and draw a semi-circle.  Cut it out and roll it together to make your cone.  Carefully glue it with your hot glue, or tape it.

That's it!

Hope it is helpful!  Now you can make a bunch of cones or one big cone for less than a $1.00!

Yay!  Thanks for stopping by!



  1. WoW! I think this is by far the simplest way of making a tall cone without having to cut the bottom. I usually just "roll" the posterboard to get my tall cones and then cut evenly around the bottom. I saw that site where the person was selling her patterns. Was so disappointed in that too. Thanks for your tutorial video. Yours is so much neater!

  2. Congratulations! This post is featured over at Diana Rambles today and has been pinned in the Featured at Diana Rambles board at Pinterest. Please grab a featured button off my tabbed sidebar or via the link under the features. Thanks for sharing this awesome idea!


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