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Monday, January 7, 2013

Sea Shell Coaster Craft Tutorial

I love the beach!  I love sea shells!  I love crafting!  This craft brings it all together!

I have done resin coasters recently, but wanted to try out different things.  After my husband mentioned people might want cork on the bottom to further protect their furniture, I gave it some thought.  The other coasters are all smooth on the bottom, so they will not scratch, but they are hard.  I knew I had some cork circles on hand and good luck was shining down on me because they fit

You will need:

-  Egg shaper - a.k.a. egg ring if you search Amazon

-  Round cork

-  Sea shells

-  Easy Cast resin

-  Blue paint

-  Hot glue

-  Parchment paper

Here is the video tutorial:


1. Paint one side of the cork blue.

2.  Insert the cork into the egg shaper.  Place entire thing on parchment paper and hot glue around the outside of the egg shaper.  The hot glue creates a dam to prevent the resin from leaking out.

3.  Prepare your resin.  Put a layer of resin into the bottom of the mold you created.

4.  Add shells.  I coated the underside of some of the larger shells with resin before putting them in.

5.  Add the remainder of the resin.

6.  Keep an eye out for bubbles.  You can use a straw to remove the bubbles or a lighter. **

7.  Allow to dry overnight and then unmold.  If necessary, trim off anything the may have leaked underneath.

**I have been having trouble with my resin, which I have not ever had before.  I get these really teeny, tiny bubbles that won't rise to the top, so I can't pop them.  I've read up on it and I found the manufacturer and several people said this happens because of cold resin.  I had the resin in warm water (maybe too warm) and it still happened.  It's winter here and quite cold, so I'm going to try and find a solution, but if anyone out there knows the best way to stop this from happening, I would LOVE to know!  For now, I am going to say they are just bubbles rising up from the ocean floor!

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Crafting!



  1. You could probably make a tray too. So clever. I have lots of shells I have collected. Hopefully I can use to make some of these. Thank you.
    Mary Ann

  2. Hi Mary Ann

    I am going to try these, but wanted to give you this thought. I am from the Monterey Bay area in California and have spent A LOT of time in the ocean (as you could imagine). I kinda like the sound of the bubbles in these because you always see bubbles on sand and such, many times it's an indicator of little sand crabs present under surface. Anyway, what if you painted the cork a sand color, or used a little sand before applying the resin? I think between that and the shells, you will truly find it a 'beach' with you at home. Just an idea.

  3. I searched this from south korea^_^
    your work is pretty cool, i want to try it.
    I wonder how to make resin. you use only 'east cast' for resin?


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