Monday, March 11, 2013

Jelly Bean Resin Bowl Craft Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to make fun and functional decorative bowls?  I have and I wanted to make them out of resin.  I'm thinking a bowl for my keys, candy bowls for every holiday, a change bowl!

I made two bowls prior to my latest.  My latest being the above jelly bean bowl!  It's sturdy and functional and I can put Easter candy in there!

My two prior bowls were the following:

A bowl made out of dyed pistachio shells:

and a candy bowl:

For those bowls, I created a mold of two bowls and Cling Wrap.  I knew resin would not stick the the Cling Wrap and it worked, but the Cling Wrap did wrinkle in areas and left wrinkles in my resin.  I knew there had to be a better way!  I recently found out about EasyMold Silicone Rubber.  It's a great product you can use to make your own silicone molds out of anything you want!  Here's a bonus:  It's FDA Compliant Food Grade.  That means you can make chocolate, ice cubes, Jello or whatever your hear desires, in these molds.  Or, you can use plaster, resin, concrete, etc.    (FYI:  It's not recommended to use the same mold for food as for the other materials).

Once I had the product, I set off the make a bowl mold and you can see how I did it here:

Once I made my mold, it was time to make a bowl!!

You will need:

-  Jelly beans - I went with the classic size and colors, but you can use any you like, just make sure you have enough to snack on too!
-  Resin - I use Easy Cast
-  Rice (optional)

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Take the bottom part of your mold and place it back in the bowl you molded it from.  This will give your mold some extra support and let it keep the proper shape.
2.  Pour jelly beans into the mold to get a feel for how many you will need.
3.  Prepare your resin, according to the package directions.
4.  Leave the jelly beans in the mold and pour in the resin.
5.  Wearing gloves, mix your jelly beans and resin, making sure all of the jelly beans are fully covered.
6.  Start spreading the jelly beans around to create your bowl shape.  I did not want to go thicker than one layer of jelly beans because I thought I would lose the shape of the bowl.
7.  When you have them in place, put the other half of your mold inside.  Use rice or something else to help weigh down the inner part of the mold and keep the beans in place, if needed.
8.  Allow to dry for 12 hours.
9.  Remove from mold.

The resin coats the jelly beans protecting them (yes it's waterproof) and the resin also works as a glue holding your bowl together.  I like to make enough for it to pool at the bottom a little, giving it some weight.  It is remarkably sturdy!

Sooooo Cooool!!!  I love it!  I can't wait for Easter!

If you are having any trouble finding the products that I used (the EasyCast and the EasyMold), go the  They make the products and their website has a list of where their products are available both nationally and internationally!!!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!


**I don't know if the resin is food safe or not.  I use the bowls as decorative pieces, like for wrapped candy, or keys, or change.  I'll let you know if I find out anything different!


  1. Thanks for the videos. Learned a lot. I do have a question for you regarding the resin bowls you've made. With both the pistachio and jelly bean bowls you've used the resin basically as a bonding agent. What if you'd like a smooth finish on both the inside and outside of bowl so that the media, be it nut shells, jelly beans, pebbles, etc. were encased in the resin. I could experiment, but I was hoping you'd show us how to do it. Again thank you.

    1. I do have some more bowls planned and I actually was going to make one that was full encased. I used the resin as a bonding agent for the pistachios. The jelly beans were all encased, but i wanted the bowl to keep the shape of the jelly beans. When doing a smooth bowl, you would want to fill the mold up further (the mold I used for the jelly beans) and have the inner portion of the mold in place. That will give you a smooth surface inside and out. I am planning one......or many..... in the future, so stay tuned!!


    2. Hi again; any idea when we can expect a video on how to make one of these bowls? Thank you.

    3. I'm hoping soon! I was out of town, we just rescued two stray cats and I'm a little swamped at my regular job. I'm trying to get back into the groove! Hopefully one day I will be able to do my crafts as my regular job and get a regular schedule going!! Thanks for continuing to watch.


    4. Never mind, I just couldn't wait any longer so I bought The River Stones Bowl from MoMA.

  2. I like this video....can you please the detilas..
    Where will I get not stick the the Cling Wrap??
    What was that you pour on in that glue?
    Any type glue we can use or is it any particular??

    Can we get in walmart or machales????

    Please let me knw...I really appreciate this...
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  3. Hi there. Will the jelly beans eventually decay or will resin preserve them? I have no idea how long this bowl would last :/

    Thank you!

  4. I just found this video of yours and was wondering do I have to use a silcone bowl?

    1. No. You can use Vaseline as a mold release, but I have not tried that. Also, if you find my Pistachio Bowl, you will see I used Cling Wrap. Hope that helps! Mona


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