Thursday, March 7, 2013

Make Your Own Envelope!

I am very excited to share a new product with you all today!  Nick at contacted me after seeing some of my craft videos.  He has these amazing envelope templates he wanted me to share with you!  They are called Kreate-a-lope and they are envelope templates that do not require tracing or scissors!  What could be easier than that?!?!?!

When I received the templates, I immediately set out to make some envelopes and I could not believe how easy it is!

Here is the video tutorial:

All you need to make an envelope is:
- Paper - you can embellish with drawings, clipart, rubber stamping, etc. or just use fun scrapbook paper!  The possibilities are endless!
- Template
- Glue stick

That's is all you need!


1.  Create a design on your paper or use the scrapbook paper as is.
2.  Place template over paper, capturing the design you want to be showing on the front of the envelope, in the opening.
3.  Tear the paper along the edges of the template.
4.  Turn the paper over and line up the template with the paper.
5.  Put in the rectangular piece in the template.
6.  Remove the outer template.
7.  Fold in the sides
8.  Fold up the bottom
9.  Fold down the top
10. Run the glue stick along the inside of the bottom flap to glue it in place.
11. You are done!
....But wait.....
They have another great product called Lick and Stick, which is envelope glue.  You put it on the flap that you fold down to seal the envelope and you let it dry.  Then, you can remoisten it when you are ready to seal it!  Yay!

Check out their site at and you will find the envelope templates, the Lick and Stick and a whole lot more!  They also have templates for super fun boxes and cards!  It's worth a trip over to check it out!

I hope you see the possibilities I'm seeing!  And stay tuned....... there's a giveaway coming too!

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Crafting!


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  1. I had no idea something like this even existed! I'm so glad I found you on you tube Mona! You give so many great ideas! I especially love your resin. I just did a bunch of them today! : ) I hope they work thank you again, and can't wait for your next one. Oh I loved your paper clay birds too! Adorable !! Lori Ceresia


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