Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sand Dollar Resin Coaster Craft Tutorial

If you are ready for a little beach in your home decor, make this cute coaster with resin and a sand dollar!

You will need:

-  Resin - I use Easy Cast
-  Parchment paper
-  Sand Dollar
-  Coaster mold
-  Mod Podge

Here is the video on how to make the coaster mold:

Here is the video tutorial on how I made the sand dollar coaster:

Here is the video, if you are wondering where the blue background came from:


1.  Prepare your mold on parchment paper.
2.  Mix resin with light blue acrylic paint and pour into the mold - let it cure for 12 hours
3.  Seal your sand dollar with Mod Podge, or the sand dollar will become blotchy from the resin - allow to dry completely
4.  Tack down the sand dollar with glue and allow to dry
5.  Prepare your resin and pour over the sand dollar - allow to cure for 12 hours
6.  Remove from mold and you have a beachy coaster!!

Here is the resin I used in this project.  Since doing this project, I have started using the mold below.  It works great!  Both are available through Amazon.

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!!


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  1. what a fun project! Thanks for linking up to Monday Funday!

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    1. Hi Nancy - I checked and they were all there, but I did update them with larger embedded frames. I use an iMac too. Give it a try and see if it works. Otherwise, all my videos are on YouTube and you can access them on my channel - that's where everything is uploaded. Thanks and let me know if it works!


    2. I can see the video now - thank you! One more question. What thickness 4 inch cork circles do you use? When I went to order the 4 inch cork circles online, they come in all different thicknesses - 5/16, 1/8, 3/8, 1/4. I plan to keep the cork on the bottom of the coaster, if that makes a difference. Really appreciate your help!


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