Thursday, October 3, 2013

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Ready for another pumpkin?

You will need:

-  Pumpkin - pick one with a good stem
-  Acrylic paint - greens, black, white, yellow, red
-  Glue
-  Black craft foam
-  Ribbon and sticks - optional
-  Yarn, raffia or sticks (for hair)
-  Fishing line

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Paint your pumpkin with a green base coat and allow to dry.  You will be working with the pumpkin laying on its side, because the stem will become the nose.
2.  I used a mix of green, metallic green, metallic white and metallic silver.  I didn't give it an exact measurement, I just put a bunch on my palette and mixed together until I got the color I wanted.  Paint entire pumpkin with that mixture and allow to dry.
3.  Paint on eyes.  I used white and allowed to dry.  
4.  Paint pupils with black paint and outline eyes with black paint and paint on eyebrows with black paint.
5.  Paint the mouth with black paint.  Allow to dry.
6.  Paint snarly teeth with a mix of yellow and white paint.  Allow to dry.
7.  Outline mouth with red paint.
8.  Cut yarn and glue on for hair.
9.  Create a cone and brim from the craft foam for the hat.  (Watch video to see how I did that).
10.  Glue hat together and add glue and glitter to hide any hot glue.
11.  Glue on ribbons and sticks and glue onto your witch head.  
12.  Put a small mound of hot glue on the end of the nose (stem).
13.  While the glue is still hot, put three pieces of fishing line into the glue and hold until it cools.  The fishing line is going to be the hair sticking out of the wart (hot glue) on the witch's nose.
14.  Paint the hot glue with a darker paint than you used on the rest of the witch.  
15.  Take black paint and paint the individual pieces of fishing line, so they stand out more.

That's it!  Happy Halloween and Happy Crafting!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Mona,

I love your videos. They are really inspiring. I am definitely going to try painting a pumpkin this year - you've provided some awesome ideas here - both Frankenstein and the witch are great. Thank you so much!


Craft Klatch said...

Thanks Debbie! That's really sweet! I hope you try them or anything and get a picture to me so I can share it on a Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Made the witch for our decorating contest at work. Turn out great. How do I attach a picture.