Thursday, October 2, 2014

Easy Customizable Phone Case DIY!

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Have you ever wanted to customize your phone case to go with an outfit, change it for a holiday, sporting event, or just because?  Phone cases can be very expensive, but here is an easy solution!  I bought the phone case from Amazon and it was $10.99.  It came with different border colors, but I chose white.  

Here it is on Amazon:

You will need:
-  Clear phone case
-  Scrapbook paper
-  Scissor
-  Craft knife

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Take the template, that comes with the phone case, and trace it onto scrapbook paper you like.
2.  Take scissors to cut it out.
3.  Take craft knife to cut out the part for the lens opening.
4.  Press it into the phone case.
5.  Add your phone.

Viola!!  That's it!

Think holidays.  Glitter paper!  Print photos off your computer!  Baby pictures!  Wedding pictures!  Vacation pictures!

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