Monday, August 17, 2015

Garbage to Gorgeous Episode #9: Chair Makeover DIY

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I found this disgusting beauty on the curb a couple of years ago.  Since then, it has been taking up residence in my garage. I liked the shape and the promise it held, but it’s time had come.  Bloom or face your doom!  

It was a 10+ on the gross meter.  It was filthy and the cushion was crumbling and disintegrating before my eyes!

For the project, you will need:
-  A crappy chair
-  Black gloss spray paint
-  Foam to replace current cushion
-  Quilt batting 
-  Staple gun
-  Fabric - I used a duck cloth because it is pretty durable

Here is the video tutorial where I show you how I did it! It's quick:

You want to start with a nasty old chair.

Step 1:  Take it apart.  Remove the musty, grungy, nasty cushion and get rid of it!! 

Step 2:  Clean it.  I first brushed it off.  Then I used some elbow grease, soap and water and left it to dry.

Step 3:  Paint it.  I used a spray paint that has a primer built in and would adhere to all surfaces.  It took about a can and a half for good coverage.  Let it dry.

Step 4:  While drying, you can start working on the cushion.  Find a pretty fabric.  I used a duck cloth fabric because it is pretty durable.  Cut out the foam for the cushion and I like to put a layer of quilt batting over it, which helps smooth the edges.

Step 5:  Face down, on a clean surface, place your fabric, your quilt batting, your foam piece and the seat base.  Trim around, but not too close.  You can always cut off the excess later.

Step 6:  Start to staple.  I started at the corners, going opposite to opposite and then the middle to the middle.  Then I followed along all the edges.  

Step 7:  Cut away the excess.

Step 8:  Reattach to the chair.

That’s it!  It doesn’t stink.  It isn’t nasty and I think it makes a beautiful accent chair!

What a difference!!!

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