Friday, October 30, 2015

Hocus Pocus Witch Themed Halloween Coasters ~ Another Coaster Friday

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I picked Hocus Pocus out of the fishbowl last week, so to go above and beyond, I went with a witch theme!

I'll run through all three, but here is the video first:

Hocus Pocus Coaster:

You will need:
-  Resin
-  Circle cutter (optional)
-  Ivory acrylic paint
-  Glow in the dark paint (optional)

1.  Mix one ounce of resin, according to the package directions.
2.  Mix in black resin pigment.
3.  Pour into coaster mold.
4.  Use lighter to pop bubbles and let sit a minimum of 12 hours.
5.  In the mean time, print out your image on transparency film.  
6.  Paint on the back side of the image with the acrylic paint - only behind the witches and the cauldron.
8.  Once dry, mix one ounce of resin and pour into coaster mold (on top of the black part that has cured).
9.  Slide in the image and press down with your stir stick, be sure to get out the trapped bubbles. Pop with lighter.
10.  Allow to cure.  Then unmold.

Witch Silhouette Coaster

You will need:
-  Coaster mold
-  Witch silhouette sticker
-  Yellow resin pigment
-  Resin

1.  Mix one ounce of resin, according to the package directions.  
2.  Mix in resin pigment and stir well.
3.  Pour into coaster mold.  Use lighter to pop bubbles.  Allow to cure a minimum of 12 hours.
4.  Apply sticker to cured resin.
5.  Mix one more ounce of resin and pour over sticker.
6.  Pop bubbles and allow to cure.  Then unmold!

Witch Felt Coaster
Coasters don't have to be clay, or concrete, or resin.  They can be felt too.  This is so fun!  You can get very creative and it's perfect for kid participation!  Who is to say you couldn't have a girls night built around making felt coasters!  After a few glasses of wine, I bet they would get extra good!

You will need:
-  Felt - green, black, purple, white, brown and yellow
-  Glue
-  Scissors
-  Paper punch (optional)

1.  Cut out the shape of the head from the green felt.
2.  Cut out a large misshaped nose.
3.  Cut out a triangle for the hat.
4.  Cut out the brim of the hat.  
5.  Cut out a thin strip for a hat sash.  (It's late while I'm writing this.  I know there is a better word that is currently eluding me....)
6.  Cut out brown strips for hair.
7.  Cut out yellow rectangles for teeth.
8.  Cut out a frown from the black felt.
9.  Cut out white circles for the eyes.
10.  I used a paper punch to do the pupils.  It worked surprisingly well.
11.  Glue the pieces together.

Once dry, that's it!  

Now go make some coasters and have a Happy Halloween!  Stay safe and Happy Crafting!


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