Monday, March 7, 2016

Easy Beachy Glow in the Dark Resin Jewelry ~ Craft Klatch

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I love all things beach related!  Add resin to the mix and I love it even more!   Make it glow in the dark and I am over the moon!  I decided to an easy craft that is perfect for beginners.  

You will need:
Glow in the dark powder:
Glow in the dark glitter:

Here is the video tutorial:

1. Mix resin according to the package directions.  One ounce should be fine.  When I am working on other projects, if I have excess resin, I like to pour it into little molds like the one I used in this craft.  You'd be surprised how often a little resin piece may come in handy!
2.  Mix in either the glow in the dark glitter, or the glow in the dark powder.  The glow in the dark powder as more glow and a longer glow, but it is pricier.  
3.  Pour into the mold.
4.  Pop bubbles with lighter.
5.  Allow to cure at least 12 hours before removing from mold.

These pieces and be used for a lot of things.  You could use them as keychains, glue them to photo frames or mirrors....all sorts of things.  For this particular craft, I thought pendants would be fun.

6.  Take jewelry bail and glue it to the back of the resin pieces and allow to dry.  Add a chain or a cord and you have a simple, yet fun necklace!

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Crafting and Stay Safe!


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