Saturday, April 22, 2017

11 Fun Food Coasters! DIY

Fun with food, or fun making things look like food?  Why not both?  I have listed 11 fun food projects that functional as coasters.  They bring a little whimsy to your home decor and protect your table from those pesky water rings!

If you are a foodie, or just like to add fun items to your home decor, you are sure to find a project that works for you!  Click on the title for the full written directions.  Or click on the video under the title to see how they were made!

3.  Christmas Cookie Coasters 

Polymer Clay Banner

4.  Food Coasters

5.  Watermelon Drink Coasters

SaveSave Resin molds

6.  S'mores Drink Coasters

7.  Hamburger Drink Coasters

8.  Egg Drink Coasters


9.  Clay and Resin Pizza Coaster

10.  Lollipop Coaster Set

11.  Chili Peppers and Mung Beans

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