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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Disney Princess~ The Little Mermaid Coaster ~ Another Coaster Friday ~ Craft Klatch DIY

If you love Disney Princesses and The Little Mermaid east, check out how to make this Ariel coaster DIY!

You will need:
Coaster mold:
Aquarium rocks:
Disney Princesses stickers: check your craft store
Glitters and bugle beads are best found at craft stores.

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Mix two ounces of resin.  Pour some into the coaster mold and add some aquarium rocks to the resin remaining in the cup.

2.  Drop three shells into the resin and make sure they are covered.  Remove shells from resin and add it to the mold.

3.  Scoop out the aquarium rocks and put them into the mold, creating a border.

4.  Add glitter, bugle beads, confetti, etc. to the remaining resin and pour it into the middle of the mold. 

5.  Pop the bubbles and allow it to cure at least 12 hours.

6.  Add the Ariel sticker to the resin.

7.  Mix one ounce of resin and pour it over the sticker.

8.  Pop the bubbles and allow it to cure.

That's it!  Thanks for stopping by!  Now you have a fun Little Mermaid coaster!

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Remember:  Life's to short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™  Stay safe!


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