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Friday, September 27, 2019

DIY Resin Toast Coasters | Another Coaster Friday | Craft Klatch

Learn how to create resin art in the form of toast!  It's a fun and funky resin craft idea!  It's the perfect coaster to accompany your morning coffee!

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You will need:
Unicorn Spit:
Parchment paper:
Pigment powder:
Hot glue:
Toast mold:

The one I have is currently out of stock, but I found the set listed above, with other fun shapes!

Here is the video tutorial, so you can see exactly how I made them:

I have had this egg shaper is my mold drawer for LITERALLY 7 years.......Procastinate much?  I'm taking a stroll back in time and making this like I did prior to having silicone coaster molds.  After I made my waffle coaster, it triggered my memory of buying this many years ago!  It was finally time.

1.  I used copper pigment powder and brushed it onto the inside of the mold.

2.  I tapped out any loose pigment powder and put it back into the container.

3.  I worked on parchment paper because very little wants to stick to parchment paper, with the exception of hot glue.  Works like a charm.  I ran a bead around the mold and then ran a second bead, just to make sure it is well sealed.

4.  I mixed my fast curing resin (2 ounces), which cures white.  If ever adding color, keep in mind that it cures white and will lighten any color you add.

5.  I add a squirt of Unicorn Spit and mix well.

6.  I poured the resin into the mold.

7.  I let it cure.  It cures in about 15 minutes.  I wanted some texture on the bread, so that's why I added the Unicorn Spit because it makes this resin bubble like crazy.

8.  As it was curing, I carefully ran my stir stick over the resin, to help pop some of the surface bubbles.

9.  Once cured, I removed it from the mold.  The hot glue and resin easily release from the parchment paper.

***I should have brushed the pigment powder to the top of the mold.  I wasn't thinking about how the bubbles expand the resin.  My bad.  Lesson learned.

10.  So I did it again, but this time with only two drops of Unicorn spit in the resin.  

11.  I poured it into the mold.

12.  There were minimal bubbles while curing.

13.  Once cured, I remove it from the mold.  A little bit of resin seeped under the edge of the mold.  No biggie.  I took my craft knife and tripped it off and used a file to give it a little smoothing.

That's it!  Now I have what looks like what toast and white bread.

Surprisingly, the bubbly wheat toast is still level and cups stand steady.  Yay!  

Here are a couple of related resin food projects that you might like and the crater coaster that inspired the texture:


That's it!  Thanks for stopping by!  

Remember:  Life's too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™  Stay safe!


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