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Monday, October 7, 2019

Zombie Votive | DIY Dollar Store Halloween Crafts | Craft Klatch

Here is a fun dollar store craft tutorial for a Zombie Votive!  Personalize your halloween craft ideas with some zombie decor!  It's an inexpensive craft idea!


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Zombie & gravestone options:
Hot glue:
Crackle medium:
Mushroom paint:
Black paint:
Satin sealer:

Here is the video tutorial, so you can see exactly how I made it:


1.  I bought these two glass vases/candleholders at the dollar store.  The zombie was from Michaels, as were the gravestones.  I had the wood plaque/base on hand.

2.  I painted the base a mushroom color.

4.  Once dry, I painted it with a crackle medium.

5.  Once the crackle medium dried, I painted it with black acrylic paint and it crackled almost immediately.

It has a nice aged look to it.  The mushroom gives it a nice contrast to the black.

6.  I painted the crackle medium on the inside of the candleholder and let it dry.  It goes on clear, so be careful to make sure you get it all covered.

7.  Once dry, I painted on the black paint and again, it began to crackle almost immediately.

It's hard to see, but it is crackled.

8.  I painted a stain varnish on the the base and let it dry before a trial placement.

9.  I hot glued the figures into place.  

10.  I then added hot glue and moss around the gravestones and base of the zombie.

He's starting to look creepy already!  It would even be fun to keep it as is and just have several different figures on display.

11.  I hot glued to crackled votive to the top of the zombie cover.

12.  Add a couple of battery operated votive candles and you are done!!! 

Thanks for stopping by!  Remember:  Life's too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™  Stay safe.


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