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Friday, November 29, 2019

Penguin Fabric Coasters | Christmas Craft Ideas | Another Coaster Friday | Craft Klatch

Learn how to make penguin fabric coasters! It's a great Christmas craft idea and beautiful home decor for the holidays!

Learn how to make penguin fabric coasters!  It's a great Christmas craft idea and beautiful home decor for the holidays!  #craftklatch #craftideas #christmas #christmascraftideas #crafts #christmascrafts #howto #diy #penguins #resin #resincrafts #resincoasters #resindiys

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You will need: Wood discs: Mod Podge: Fabric: Joanns White paint: Black paint: Metal trees: Joanns Red glitter: Black glitter: Silver glitter: Coaster mold: Learn how to make Christmas Bell Resin coasters! It's great home decor idea for decorating for the holidays!

Here is the video tutorial, so you can see exactly how I made the whole set:


1.  I went shopping and found this super cute Christmas penguin fabric, little metal Christmas trees and wood discs.

The discs are roughly 3.5 inches in diameter.

2.  I painted the discs white - front and back.

3.  I trimmed a piece of fabric, a little bit larger than the disc.

5.  I brushed the Mod Podge onto one side of the disc.

6.  I placed the fabric onto the disc and smoothed it down.

7.  I trimmed the excess, right up to the edge of the disc.

9.  I brushed the Mod Podge on the fabric.

So far, so good!

10.  Once it dried, I did two more coats, to make sure it was really sealed.  Be sure to check and make sure the edges are well sealed and down too.

11.  Once dry, I painted the backs and edges with a multi-surface black paint.  

12.  Once dry, I used painters tape to line the backs, so resin drips can be removed. 

13.  I used my craft knife to cut off the excess.

14.  I put a thin coat of Vaseline on the edge of the tape, so the resin will release much easier. 

15.  I set up the holder for the coasters.  I put the little Christmas trees in the mold.  I just leaned them up on the edge of the mold.

16.  I mixed three ounces of resin, which is enough to coat the coasters and make the holder.

17.  I poured the resin onto the coasters and used my stir stick  to help it to the edges.

18.  I had about one ounce left over and added chunky red, chunky black and fine silver glitter.  

19.  I mixed it and poured it into the coaster mold, being careful not to pour too quickly, because I didn't want the trees to fall over.

20.  I used my lighter to pop the bubbles for the holder and the coasters.  Then I let everything sit for a minimum of 12 hours.

21.  Here are the drips on the bottom of the coasters.  With the tape and the Vaseline, it's easy to pop the right off!

22.  I used a roll of cork, which is sticky shelf liner.

23.  I cut a piece a little larger than the coaster.

24.  I added a little glue to the edge of the coaster.

25.  I removed the backing from the shelf liner and put the down onto the sticky side of the cork. 

26.  I rubbed it down and then cut off the excess with my craft knife.

27.  I used a file to smooth any rough edges on the cork, so it's nice and finished.

Here they are all finished!!!

28.  The holder cured and I removed it from the mold.

It makes the cutest set for Christmas or as a hostess gift!  

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Remember:  Life's too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™  Stay safe!


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