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  1. Hi Mona,

    I have so enjoyed your videos of the nail polish designs on glass gems of various sizes. I have had a ball with it! I have purchased ring blanks and bracelet blanks, then put Velcro on them so that I can change which "gem" I wear so I can match my outfits and other jewelry. I also bought cheap teardrop earrings on wires and made them into bases for using as a necklace, also with Velcro so the "gem" can be changed. This has been so much fun. I also make earrings with the smaller gems. I have also used these to make cute refrigerator magnets, and to blue to pushpins for bulletin boards. I have given sets of these push pins as small thank you gifts. I used the "cat eyes" gems for these with solid nail polish, rather than swirls.

    I have gotten many compliments on the jewelry. I was in the Caribbean recently and got some Del Sol nail polish that changes color in the sun, and can't wait to experiment with it on gem jewelry.

    Now I have tried your coaster craft. I forgot to take photos before giving a set to my niece for graduation. I found graduation confetti with mortar boards, "2013", "Congrats", and I made one with multicolor stars. Here's my question: do you find that there are sharp edges on the top of the coasters? The tops are definitely concave. I actually cut the ridges off then filed it down with emery boards and eventually fine sandpaper, but then I flipped them over and used the tops as the bottoms (putting little cork protectors on the bottoms). I liked the look of the bottom (not glossy) better than the top. (I used clear resin without glitter or paint.) The mortarboards were more clearly mortarboards on the bottom side (now the tops). I am just interested in your thoughts on this.

    Also, the first coasters I tried, I got discoloring. I painted a tiny plastic wineglass with white glitter nail polish so it wouldn't disappear in the clear resin, and after I poured the resin over it, the wine glass turned gold!! I know you made a reference to the resin looking like amber, and I am wondering if this is related to why the wineglass turned gold. And I used Modpodge instead of glue to attach "Happy Birthday" confetti to the bottom layer. six of them in a pinwheel design, and when the top layer of resin dried, you could see the Modgepodge as a film (it was not clear). I used some older Modgepodge, so that may be the problem. It was also gloss, so that may have been an element.

    I just turned 60 and it is really fun to be getting back into crafts after a long hiatus, so thanks for all the sharing you do on YouTube. I'm so glad I found you!



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