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Candy Corn Vase Craft Tutorial

I decided to get a head start on Halloween and thought I'd kick it off with a candy corn vase.  For me, the hardest thing was not eating the candy corn, so I bought an extra bag! (No really... I did).

You will need:

-  Candy corn
-  Can - clean, dried and spray painted black
-  Hot glue
-  Resin (I used Easy Cast)
-  Bottle to elevate the can
-  Cling wrap
-  Wax paper - to protect your work surface
-  Large bucket to put over vase, while drying

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Clean, dry and spray paint can black
2.  Hot glue candy corn, in a random pattern, on the can
3.  This will take time and patience:  Slowly drip the resin all over the candy corn and make sure it is entirely covered.  I also did a resin layer after it dried, on the inside to further protect it.
4.  Leave overnight to dry.  I covered mine with a bucket to keep dust from settling on it.
5.  Put out as a decoration, or fill with fresh, or dead flowers for Halloween!

I didn't have any fall or dead flowers on hand.  It's still September and things are still blooming here.  

Happy Crafting!  I hope you enjoy it!  


What is your favorite Halloween candy?

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