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Black Cat Ornament for Halloween or Anytime!

This cute black cat is perfect for Halloween, but can be altered for any holiday, or made anytime!

You will need:

-  Paper mache ornament
-  Red felt
-  Black craft foam
-  Two eyes
-  Fishing line
-  Light marker
-  Hot glue
-  Black acrylic paint
-  Black glitter
-  White paint

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Paint the ornament black with acrylic paint and allow to dry.
2.  Cut out 2 foam circles and two foam triangles
3.  Hot glue the foam circles on the front of the face.  They will be placed next to one another, below the nose.  The whiskers will be coming out of them.
4.  Hot glue on nose
5.  Hot glue on mouth.
6.  Hot glue on eyes.  I purchased the eyes and they came with a stem on the back.  I easily snipped off the stem with my wire cutters.
7.  Glue on eyes.
8.  Glue on ears.  Put a bead of hot glue along the bottom of the triangle and make sure they are curved inward when you attach to give the ears some dimension.
9.  Take light marker and make three dots on the foam circles.  Then, hot glue whiskers on the foam circles.
10.  Take white glue and put a bead at the base of the ears, where hot glue is showing.  Sprinkle with black glitter.   Shake off excess and dry.
You black cat is all finished!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!

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