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Glass Stone Pumpkins

This craft is a different take on the Nail Polish Stones I had previously done.  This the a holiday version, but I used five different techniques.

Here is the video tutorial:

I started all the same.  I could not find construction paper, so I used black scrapbooking paper, which is pretty thick.  Therefore, I soaked each of the paper pieces in water for 30 seconds or so before attaching them to the back of the stones with Mod Podge.

The video tutorial will run you through each of the following techniques, but this is what they are:

This one was Mod Podge and small pieces of orange tissue paper

This one was simply orange nail polish.

This was the original, before I figured out how to get the scrapbooking paper to lie flat.  I put the paper on the top of the stone and put a clear nail polish coat above.

 This one I used the nail polish and then, while wet, I put orange tissue paper into it, to create texture.

This one was simply orange acrylic paint.

Thank you for stopping by!  Happy Halloween and Happy Crafting!


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