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Lightbulb Eyeball Craft

One of my YouTube viewers suggested this craft.  It's easy, inexpensive and fun!

 You will need:
-  Black permanent marker
-  Dark blue permanent marker
-  Light blue permanent marker
-  Red permanent marker
-  Lightbulb

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Color in the black pupil and cover up the writing on the lightbulb.
2.  Draw a dark blue circle further out, which will outline the iris
3.  Color in the iris with the light blue
4.  Add dark blue flecks around the pupil
5.  Touch up any areas as needed.
6.  Draw in random red squiggles for a bloodshot eyeball effect.

That's it!

Happy Halloween and thanks for stopping by!  Thank you again Lollipopgirl1112 for the great idea!
You are awesome!


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