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DIY Easy Cinco De Mayo Sombreros How To

Cinco De Mayo is a fun day to celebrate!  Grab a margarita and start crafting some easy sombreros!

You will need:

(Links below are affiliate links.) -  Terra cotta flower pots - you can make them any size you want.  Make sure the saucer is larger than the pot, so it looks like a sombrero:
-  Acrylic paint - yellow, green and red:
-  Pom poms in varying colors:
-  Glue:
-  Skewer stick (optional):
-  Paper (optional)

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Paint the pots.  I made one yellow, one red and one green.  It will take at least  two coats.  Allow to dry.

2.  Paint the band in a different color.  This will also take two coats.  Allow to dry.

3.  With another color, paint triangles on the bands.  This will also take two coats.  Allow to dry.

4.  Put the pom poms in an order that you want and then space them evenly and glue them into place.

That's it!  You can use them as they are as decorations.  Add a stick and names to use as place cards.  Use a stick and use for a buffet, with the dishes written on them.  

Add candy and it's a party favor.  Do candy and names and it's a place card and a treat!! 

 You can make these as large as you want and make a great centerpiece!

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Crafting!



  1. Hi my Love Mona, what a cute idea, not just for Cinco de Mayo, it would be so cute for any type of Mexican fiesta!! Love it! Tfs Love Ya' Patricia

  2. Holy crap these are so freaking cute! I loooooooooooove them! Thanks so much for linking up with us this week on Awesome Things Tuesday! Your button frame was featured last week too!

  3. I am loving this thank you so much for sharing!!!


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